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  About us

  History of the Society

 Constitution and By-Laws

Founded in 1882, the Colorado Scientific Society promotes knowledge, the understanding of science, and its application to human needs, focusing primarily on earth science, but welcoming members with interests in all fields of science.


The Colorado Scientific Society (CSS) was founded in Denver, Colorado,
USA, on December 8, 1882-- six years after Colorado became a state. Founder S.F. Emmons of the U.S. Geological Survey and 11 colleagues
were interested in an exchange of observations and ideas on topics in earth science. The membership has since grown from these original 12 to more
than 375 members in 1992. Current members include representatives
from many earth-science organizations, including Federal and State
government agencies, universities throughout the region, private industry,
 and individuals. The Society welcomes new members with a background
 and interest in the sciences.

Society Activities
Monthly Meetings
Monthly Newsletters
S.F. Emmons Lecture
Spring and Fall Field Trips
Annual Dinner Meeting

For the Public
Memorial Funds
Public Service
CO State Science Fair



Society Activities

Monthly Meetings

Held September through May.  Check out Abstracts for past presentations.

Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters from September through May that contain abstracts of talks, earth-science news briefs, a calendar of local geologic activities, and information on other scientific meetings

S.F. Emmons Lecture

The S.F. Emmons Lecture, which began in 1962, is a highlight of the Colorado Scientific Society's activities and contributes not only to our standing in the scientific community but to the intellectual growth of our members and colleagues. The series is named in honor of the Society's founder, S.F. Emmons. Generally presented at the January meeting, the lectures feature speakers that are recognized nationally or internationally as being at the forefront of research in some important facet of the earth sciences.

Spring and Fall field trips

1- to 3-day trips to scenic and geologically exciting areas in the Rocky Mountain Region

Annual dinner meeting each Fall

Special presentations for technical and non-technical audiences


For the Public

Memorial Funds for student research

The Society awards research grants to help support earth-science graduate students from five memorial funds dedicated to esteemed and scientifically accomplished Society members:

  • Ogden Tweto Memorial Fund--emphasis on Colorado geology
  • Steven Oriel Memorial Fund--emphasis on Rocky Mountain thrust-belt geology
  • Edwin Eckel Memorial Fund--emphasis on engineering geology
  • Bill Pierce/Heart Mountain Memorial Fund--emphasis on geology of the Heart Mountain fault, Wyoming
  • George Snyder Memorial Fund--emphasis on Precambrian igneous/metamorphic geology and basement tectonics

Public Service

  • Society members serve as speakers and field trip leaders for community organizations
  • Society members construct and post signs that describe geologic features exposed along highways

Colorado State Science Fair

The Society presents awards to winning exhibits prepared by junior- and senior-high school students