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Past Fieldtrips - 2002

Fall 2002 Colorado Scientific Society Field Trip

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Hayden Survey sketch of Teton Valley from Upper GrosVentre Butte (click for detail)

The Fall 2002 Field Trip for the Colorado Scientific Society will visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not only is Jackson Hole and the Teton Range one of the most spectacular landscapes in the United States, but this trip will be at a time when the fall colors should still be in all of their glory. The field trip leaders will be Ken Pierce, Jack Reed, and Lisa Morgan, all of the U.S.G.S. Ken (past president of the CSS) has worked out a detailed glacial history of the valley. Jack Reed (another past president) has studied the Precambrian rocks of the Teton Range, and is currently working with J. D. Love on the second edition to the geologic guide, the Creation of the Teton Landscape. Lisa Morgan has been investigating the Tertiary geology of Jackson Hole, and has determined the timing of the rise of the Teton Range. All three leaders are now experienced field trip guides, and will provide an excellent learning experience. The trip will be from Friday, 20 September to Monday, 23 September. We will leave from Denver, and stay in Jackson, Wyoming.

The trip will cost $200 per person, which will include transportation, lodging and lunches. To keep expenses down and to provide greater flexibility for food preferences, dinners and breakfasts will be up to each participant. Jackson has an abundance of excellent restaurants. If you wish to have a single room, please contact field trip coordinator (address below) and understand that single accommodations will cost extra. You must register for the trip no later than August 2nd, because reservation advances are required at the lodging facilities. Once you have registered, you will receive additional information on the place and time of departure, and where we will be staying.