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    01/20/1893 - 99th meeting
    02/06/1893 - 100th meeting
    03/06/1893 - 101st meeting
    04/03/1893 - 102nd meeting
    05/04/1893 - 103rd meeting
    06/05/1893 - 104th meeting
    no regular meetings in July and August
    09/04/1893 - 105th meeting
    10/02/1893 - 106th meeting
    11/06/1893 - 107th meeting
    12/04/1893 - 108th meeting
    12/18/1893 - Annual meeting
  p. 2

Jan. 20th,1893

The 100th 99th  regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the Denver High School on Monday Evening, January 2nd.

16 persons were present.

Wm.O.J. Frost, 1st V.P. in the chair

  Minutes The minutes of the 99th regular meeting were read and approved.  


O.J. Frost


The report of Mr. O.J. Frost, Treasurer for the year 1892 was read. The chair appointed an auditing committee consisting of Messrs. H.V. Pearce, R.M. Hosea and F. Guiterman to audit the accounts of the retired treasurer.  
  P.H. Van Diest The librarian and Corresponding Secretary Mr. P.H. Van Diest read his annual report for 1892. He stated among other things that he was pleased to announce that the books belonging to the Society had been loaned and that a catalogue of same would be issued he hoped in the near future. He reported two new exchanges on the list, named the Proceedings of the Society of Mining Engineers of Western Pennsylvania and the Proceedings of the Academy of Science in Texas.  

F. Guiterman


p. 3

The Secretary read his report for 1892 showing a gratifying increase in the membership of the Society in the past year and a diversification in papers submitted which was universally satisfactory.  
  Balloting Messrs. L.D. Godslace of Denver and Prof. Wm. C. Strong of Denver proposed at the previous meeting were duly elected members  

The following candidates were placed in nomination, the applications having been approved by the Ex. Committee. Mr. Edwin G. Dexter, Instructor of Natural Science at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo. endorsed by Messrs. Gavin, Cannon, Bethel.

Mr. Francis T. Freeland, Mining Engineer, Leadville, Colo. endorsed by Messrs. Vezin, Argall and Guiterman.

Mr. Wm. D. Church chemist Globe and R Co. Denver ever endorsed by Messrs. Knight, Guiterman, P.H. van Diest

Mr. L. G. Eakins, chemist asst geologist, Colorado Fuel & Iron Co, Denver, endorsed by Messrs. Guiterman, Knight and Van Diest


  Communications Wm.P. Headden read a paper on “the Production of Columbous Tungsten Oxides in forming Compounds of Iron and Tin.” A number of crystalline exhibits were made and  inspected under the microscope  



p. 4


Discussion by Mr. Richard Pearce. Mr. Pearce wanted to know whether the oxides in question were due to the oxidizing influence of nitric acid on the metallic columbium and Tungsten in the iron-tin alloys, with which the later had been treated. Mr. Headden replied that he through not and that the lower oxides were rather produced from the higher ones at the expense of the metallic tin, with which they had been melted together.  
  Cross Mr. R.C. Hills then read a paper by Whitman Cross “On a series of peculiar schists near Salida, Colo,” which paper has been published. The meeting then adjourned on motion.  

F.Guiterman, Secy.


The 101st 100th regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the Denver High School Building on Monday evening February 6th.

18 persons were present.

Mr. O.J. Frost 1st vice president in the chair.


  Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were read in the absence of the recording secretary by the corresponding secretary and approved.  

Reports Balloting

p. 5


The report of the Librarian was read. Messrs. Edwin G. Dexter of Colorado Springs, L.G. Eakins of Denver, Wm. D. Church of Denver and Francis T. Freeland of Leadville proposed at the previous meeting were duly elected.  

p. 6

The following candidates were placed in nomination, the applications having been approved by the executive committee. S.W. Tyler Mining Engineer Denver proposed by John B. Farish, Alfred Rickard, and F. Guiterman.

George L. Raymer geologist, Idaho Springs proposed by Messrs J. B. Farish,. Thos. B. Sherman , and F. Guiterman.

T.A. Rickard mining Engineer Denver proposed by John B. Farish, Richard Pearce, P.H. van Diest



Max. Boehmer mining engineer, Leadville, proposed by Philip Argall, John B. Farish, and P.H. van Diest.

Victor C. Heickes mineralogist, Denver, proposed by W.S. Ward, P.H. van Diest and John B. Farish

Mr. P.H. van Diest reported the donations to the library of 324 bound scientific books by Mrs. Catherine Main Yorston, said books were the property of Dr. J. T. Main our lately deceased member. The books are catalogued and in each volume pasted a printed label stating the donation to the Society. Mr. van Diest moved that resolution of thanks to Mrs. Main Yorston be engrossed and presented to her, which motion was unanimously


T. W. Stanton was on motion accepted. A letter from R. Anton Eilers, requesting to be relieved from the position of President of the Society was read. Mr. von Diest proposed not to sustain any motion to accept his resignation and to table his communication, which was adopted.

Mr. W.S. Ward asked to have in loan for the Worlds fair, (mining department Columbian Exposition) a set of the proceedings of the Society neatly bound. Referred to the Executive Committee.



Informal Communication





p. 7


Mr. F.F. Chisholm exhibited a double acting two rubber stopper, three pipe distilling apparatus for fractional distillation called (I believe) deflecurator?, which gives a considerable increase in first distillation.

No other communication coming forward, Mr. R. Pearce regretted that lack of electric light prevented to visit the mineral collection and asked what could be done to make study of minerals possible during evenings. Mr. Cannon, Jr. mentioned that the school board would pay a bill for connecting a simple apparatus to their main converter and it was decided that the Executive Committee by the aid of Mr. Irving Hale should device some apparatus, a strong lights, 50 candle power of volts(?) connected to a wire over an automatic acting pulley enabling to bring the light to any case desired to inspect.

The meeting then adjourned.

P.H. van Diest, acting secretary


The 102 1nd regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms at the High School on Monday, Mar. 6th.

17 persons were present.

Owing to the absence of the President and 1st Vice President, Mr. Geo. L. Cannon, Jr. was elected chairman pro tem.


  Minutes The minutes of the 101st regular meeting were read and approved.  














p. 8


The following candidates were placed in nomination.

For regular membership:

Mr. Chas. H. Moore, Mining Engineer of Leadville, Colo. proposed by Messrs. Argall, Vezin, and Guiterman

Mr. Chas. D. Chanute, Assayer Chemist of Denver, proposed by Messrs Van F. Furman, Sadtler and Guiterman

Mr. C.H. Macnutt, Mining Engineer of Amethyst, Colo., proposed by Messrs Mathewson, Sadtler, Guiterman,

Mr. M.B Hock, Assayer, Colo., Sm. Co. Pueblo

Mr. F. M. Smith, Metallurgist, Colo. Sm. Co. Pueblo proposed by Messrs. Dwight, Rahl & Jones,

Mr. C.A. Phelps-assayer Pueblo F. & I. Co., Pueblo-Cuba endorsed by L.J. Jones, E.P. Mathewson, W.J.S. Hamilton

Mr. F.E. Hearndon, chemist, Colo. F.& I. Co., Pueblo, Colo, endorsed L.G. Eakins, L.D. Stearn, L.Jn.. Jones

Mr. L. L. Woods, Colo. F. & I. Co., Pueblo, Colo, endorsed by L.Jn. Jones, Mathews, and Sadtler

Mr. Joseph K. Surls, Engineer at C.F.& I. Co., Pueblo, proposed by Messrs. Dwight, Jones, Hamilton

Mr. W.B. Budrow, Assayer, Phila. S. & R. Co., Pueblo, proposed by Messrs. Dwight, Jones, Hamilton;

Mr. S.A. Harsh, Post-Graduate School of Mines Golden, Colo. Proposed by Messrs Chauvenet, Sadtler, Hill

For Associate Membership:

Mr. A.H. Osborne, student senior class, Golden School of Mines, proposed by Messrs. Chauvenet, Sadtler, & Hill.

Mr. W.B. Milliken, Student Senior class School of Mines, Golden, proposed by Messrs. Chauvenet, Sadtler, & Hill.

Mr. Wallace A. Stephen, student senior class School of Mines, Golden, proposed by Mesrs. Chauvenet, Sadtler & Hill;



The following gentlemen proposed at the 101st regular meeting were duly elected to membership:

Mr. Geo. Sharpe Raymer, Max Boehmer, T.A. Rickard, Victor C. Heikes, and S.W. Tyler






p. 9

The Librarian reported that the resolution of thanks voted at the 101st reg. Meeting to Mrs. Catherine Main Yorston for the donation to the Society of the late Dr. Jno. Main’s library, had been engraved and delivered to her. He also stated that on approval of the Ex. Comm. He has had a set of the C.S.S. Proceedings bound and delivered to Mr. W.S. Ward for exhibit at the Columbian Worlds Fair in the Colorado Mining exhibit; he reported the receipt of a hundred to the geological reports of Pennsylvania consisting of 8 volumes; The Society’s collection of eruptive rocks and its meteorite had on authority of the Ex. Com. been delivered to Mr. W.S. Ward for exhibit at the Columbian Worlds Fair.  
  Auditing Committee The Auditing Committee, consisting of Messrs S. Hosea, H. Vyugan [Vezin], Pearce, and Guiterman appointed to audit the accounts of Mr. O.J. Frost retired Treasurer reported that they had inspected said accounts and had found them correct.  

Electric Lights for Museum


p. 10


The committee on means for providing lights for the mineral collection so that same could at any time be inspected during evening reported in the person of Mr. Irving Hale that 10 electric lights could be provided would fill the provided that an arrangement of the cases could be made. Mr. R.C. Hills, curator said that the disposition of open cases suggested  could easily be effected. Mr. Hale gave the approximate cost of the necessary wiring and lamps and Mr. Cannon stated that he would at once take up the matter with the High School Board who would defray expenses.  
  Cannon Mr. Geo. L. Cannon, Jr., gave a communication from the Chautauquan Association of Colorado. The noble Chautaquans asked the advice and assistance of the Society in order that their scientific work for the coming season might be carried along the most approved intellectual lines. On motion Mr. Cannon was authorized to appoint a committee to confer with the high minded and appreciative Chautauquans.  
  B. Sadtler Prof. B. Sadtler then read a paper on “The Geological Economic Features of the Tin Cup Basin,” after which the meeting adjourned.  

F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 11

The 101st 2 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the Denver High School on Monday evening April 3rd.

There were 22 persons present.

Owing to the absence of the regular presiding officer, Mr. R.C. Hills was on motion elected President pro tem.

  Minutes The minutes of the 102nd reg. Meeting were read and approved.  
  Election Messrs. Phelps, Moore, Allen, Stanton, Woods, Chanute, MacNutt, Harsh, Smith, Surles, Budrow, and Hock were elected members; Messrs Osborne, Milliken, and Stephens were elected Associate members.  
  Reports The Report of the Librarian was read showing receipt of the usual exchanges.  
  Electric Lights for Museum Mr. Irving Hale reported the cost of wiring and placing lights for the Museum would be about $22.50. The matter was referred to Mr. Geo. L. Cannon, Jr., to submit to the School Board who will remit the expense.  



Mr. Irving Hale read a paper entitled “The Latest Method of Electric Car Control,” after which the meeting adjourned.  
  p. 12

F. Guiterman, Secy.


The 102nd 103rd regular [meeting] of the Society was held at the rooms in the Denver High School on Monday May 4th, 1893.

22 persons were present.

Owing to absence of the regular presiding officer, Mr. Richard Pearce was elected Chairman pro tem.

The minutes of the 103rd 102nd regular meeting was read and approved.






Mr. J.W. Root was elected to membership.

Mr. Stuart Crossdale, chemist Holden Milling & Refining Company at Aspen, endorsed by Messrs. J. Dawson Hawkins, E.N. Hawkins, and F. Guiterman was nominated for membership.

Also Mr. Edward B. Kirby, Mining Engineer of Denver, Colo. endorsed by Messrs H. van F. Furman, Dr. Geo C. Morrison and F. Guiterman


  Reports The report of the Librarian was read showing receipt of the regular exchanges. It was also mentioned that there was an increased demand for the Proceedings of the Society.  
  Communications Mr. L. D. Godshall read a paper on “A Review of the Thissen Process,” Discussion on the paper was participated in by Messrs. R. Pearce, Farish, Vezin, Eakins, Dwight, and Guiterman.  
  p. 13

Mr. Richard Pearce exhibited some highly interesting specimens of tin ore from Durango, Mexico. He stated that the ore occurred in veins in granite formation accompanied by opalinized gangue. Associated with the Cassiterite was specular iron ore and the fact that some of the Cassiterite showed itself in pseudomorphs after the specular iron was an enhanced interest to the exhibit. Ores of the specimens showed the tin ore in botryoidal mass which suggested to Mr. Pearce that this also might be a pseudomorph of Cassiterite after kidney iron ore.

The meeting then adjourned.


F. Guiterman, Secy.


The following were also proposed for membership:

Mr. Forbes Rickard, Mining Engineer, Denver Colo, endorsed by Messrs. Ph. Argall, T.A. Rickard, F. Guiterman

Mr. H.L. Austin, metallurgist, Denver, Colo. endorsed by Messrs. Ph. Argall, H.A. Vezin and F. Guiterman

Mr. Fred Roeser, metallurgist, Denver, Colo, endorsed by Messrs P.H. van Diest, L.G. Eakins, & F. Guiterman.

Mr. Nicholai Anderson, Chemist Gold & Silver Extraction Retorting Company, Denver, Colo, endorsed by Mr. T.A. Rickard, H.A. Vezin & F. Guiterman


  p. 14

The 105th 4 regular meeting of the Society was held at the rooms in the Denver High School Bldg. On Monday June 5th, vice president O.J. Frost presiding.

21 persons were present.

The minutes of the 104th 3 regular meeting were read and approved.



The following gentleman proposed for membership at the 104th regular meeting were elected:

Forbes Rickard, Nicholai Anderson, Frederick Roeser; and W.L. Austin




Offer of Henry Ward of Rochester, N.Y. to cut meteorite




p. 15

The Secretary submitted to the Society the correspondence received from Mr. Wm Shaw Ward relative to the offer of R. M. Henry Ward of Rochester, N.Y. to cut the meteorite belong to the Society, now on exhibition in the Colorado exhibit at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

The corresponding secretary submitted further communication on the same subject. The Society after due deliberation and discussion decided that for the best interest of the meteorite and the Society, that for the present no action be taken, and the Corresponding Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Wm. Shaw Ward to that effect. It was also resolved that no future action be taken by the Society in the matter without due consultation with its curator, Mr. R.C. Hills, who was unable to be at the meeting.


  Outside Summer Meeting The Secretary called the attention of the Society to the advisability of holding an outside meeting during the month of July or August in one of the mining camps. The idea met with considerable favor among the members present – and Messrs P.H. van Diest, John B. Farish and F. Guiterman were appointed a Committee of Arrangements to perfect details for such a meeting. The Society then adjourned.  

F. Guiterman, Secy

  p. 16

The 106th 5 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms at the High School Bldg. On Monday evening Sep. 4.

23 persons were present

Owing to absence of the regular presiding officer, Mr. J.A. Porter was elected chairman pro tem


  Minutes Of the 105th 4 regular meeting were read and approved.  
  Communications The Secretary stated that the committee appointed by the Society to arrange for the usual outside summer meeting had decided it best to abandon the plan owing to the distinctive condition of affairs in Colorado in the mining and milling industries.  
  T.A. Rickard Mr. T.A. Rickard read a paper entitled “Certain Dissimilar Occurrences of Gold Bearing Quartz.”  





p. 17

p. 18

Mr. Philip Argall submitted an extended discussion on Mr. Rickard’s paper, his tenants being illustrated by a series of mineral specimens from New Zealand (as Mr. Argall’s discussion printed in five? And issued with the next paper, this narration deems a notice of same sufficient at this time).

Among the minerals exhibited was a specimen of auriferous native arsenic. An inquiry of Mr. R.C. Hills, Mr. Argall stated that he thought he had frequently observed the association of arsenic with gold although he was not able to state that any definite minerals of gold and arsenic had been isolated.

Mt. T. A. Rickard called attention to a fact that that not been incorporated in his paper, that according to his observations, the mother lode of California. Frequently became auriferous where the lode passes through black slate.

The Society was honored by the presence of a guest, Mr. Niclinagu?, who had had several years experience in the mines of New Zealand at which arsenium had been discussed in the paper of Mr. Rickard.

Mr. Nicletue observed

Thus he endorsed the conditions of Mr. Rickard that theories of the genesis of ore deposits applicable to isolated districts cannot be always generalized to cover deposits of like character occurring elsewhere.

In his opinion the ore deposits occurring in the “Thomas” Is. Mtn. in New Zealand was due to volcanic agencies, beginning with a solfataric  action, succeeded by deposits from underground circulating mineral solutions.

He did not agree with Mr. Rickard in ascribing to the “breccias” which characterize the “Thomas” district a sedimentary origin. He was rather inclined to believe that the observed stratification in the “breccias” was due to fissures. The sandstones which are also a marker feature of the Thomas geology he thought were in the main decomposed andesites which had been subject to pressure.

The gold bearing veins occurs in the Thomas district within the decomposed as well as the undecomposed andesitic country rock. He had not been able to distinguish any difference in the richness of the veins. Where they occur in the decomposed country they had as a rule a strike of E&W, while in the hard, undecomposed andesite the strike of the veins of mostly N&S.

The meeting then adjourned.


F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 19

The 107th 6 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the Denver High School on Monday Event Oct. 2nd

V. Pres. O.J. Frost in chair.

21 persons were present.

  Minutes The Minutes of the 106th 5regular meeting were read and approved.  


The report of the Librarian was read. It was stated that the catalogue of the Society’s library was about finished and ready for distribution.  
  Curation The Curator of the mineral collection reported the donation to the Society of several specimens of the upper Miocene.  


P.H. van Diest


Prof. P.H. van Diest read a paper entitled: “ Evidences of the Formation of Ore Deposits by Lateral Secretion in the John Jay Mine at Boulder, Colo.”  

Messrs. F. Guiterman, Richard Pearce, T.A. Rickard, R.C. Hills & Philip Argall participated in the discussion.

The meeting then adjourned.


  p. 20

The 108th  7regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms int eh Denver High School on Monday, Nov. 6th, 1893.

Twenty eight persons were present.

Vice Pres. O.J. Frost presided.

  Minutes The minutes of the 107 6 regular meeting were read and approved.  

Prof. Chas. S. Palmer read a paper entitled on the nature of chemical elements, being the 6th paper presented by him on the subject. This paper limited itself to the discussion of the distribution of the atomic weight. Dr. Richard Pearce gave an account of some interesting eruptive dykes he had observed while sojourning at the harbor of Manchester, Massachusetts. These dykes  filled joints in the country rock of granite. The intrusive rock was black and the analysis showed an astonishingly low percentage of silica. The same phenomena men observed in Marble Head about 15 miles from Manchester. At this place, however, the dykes were much larger than at Manchester.

The meeting then adjourned.

F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 21-22 Cut from book    
  p. 23

The 109th 8 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the Denver High School on Monday evening Dec. 4th.

Thirty one persons were present.

Mr. J.B. Farish, elected presiding officer pro tem.

  Minutes The minutes of the 108th 7 regular meeting were read and approved.  
  Nominations Mr. G.H. A. Koch, Mining and civil engineer, Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. was proposed for membership with the approval of the Ex. Committee. The candidate was endorsed by Messrs. R.M. Hosea, R.D. Hills and L.S. Storrs.  
  Nomination for officer for 1894

The following members were nominated for officers of the Society for the year 1894.

President         Prof. Chas. S. Palmer

1st V. “   “        Jno. B. Farish

2nd V.”   “        A.S. Dwight

Secretary         F. Guiterman

Corres.”” & Librarian P.H. van Diest

Treasurer         R. M. Hosea

Executive Committee       Richard Pearce

                                          A.A. Blow

                                          Philip Argall

                                          H. Van F. Furman

                                           P.H. van Diest

Balloting for these officers to take place on the 3rd Monday in December.



p. 24


Francis T. Freeland


Mr. Francis T. Freeland read a paper on “The Solution of the Equation:

X2+Y = 7, Y2+X= 11

  Discussion Mr. R. M. Hosea offered a solution of this problem by a graphic method  
  W. L. Austin Mr. W. L. Austin read a paper on “Nickel” the same being a historical sketch of the subject. This paper was the first of a series which will be presented by the same author and which embraces the metallurgy of the metal and its uses in the arts and manufactures.  
  Ph. Argall Mr. Philip Argall read a paper on “Nickel,” the origin, occurrence and distribution of its ore deposits.  

T.E. Schwarz













p. 26


Mr. T.E. Schwarz described an interesting ore occurrence in the “Independence” Mine on Battle Mountain, at Cripple Creek, Colo. The ore occurs on either side of a fissure or crack in the granite near its unction with the overlying porphyry.

The peculiar feature of the deposit was summed up by Mr. Schwarz as follows:

1st; the … absence of any vein filling or gangue

2nd: the ore consists of a mineralized granite extending from the fissure for 2 to 5 feet on each side of it. The mica of the original granite had disappeared and had been replaced by the gold bearing minerals, the other constituents of the granite being but slightly, if at all, affected.

3tf: the presence of a porphyry dike, which is apparently a shoot from the main adjoining porphyritic mass, and which strikes into the granite. This dyke follows the fissure described for a short distance and then swings off into the granite and continues parallel to the fissure and remains within 50 ft. of it.

4th: the named appear as of this ore in this property was entirely independent of any visible connection with the dyke mentioned. Except for the short distance when the latter follows the fissure.

Mr. Schwarz called attention to the excellent opportunity the Independence Mine presented for a study of the extension of the intrusive dike with the ore occurrence.

The presiding officers called attention to the advisability of the Annual Dinner to be given by the members of the Society.

On motion of Mr. Edmund Kirby the secretary was instructed to communicate with the numbers and obtain subscriptions for a dinner who from same time in January, either on the 6th or 13th.

The meeting then adjourned



F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 27 Annual Meeting  







On p. 26


The annual meeting of the Society, for the purpose of electing officers and receiving the reports of officials, was held on Monday evening, Dec. 18th.

20 members were present.

The attention of the Society was directed by the Secretary to the fact that on Feb. 6th a letter had been received from Mr. Anton Eilers stating that on due inflection he found it impossible to accept his election to the Presidency for 1893, and asking the Society to accept the declination. On motion of Mr. P.H. van Diest it was decided to table the declination, in the hope that Mr. Eilers might be induced to reconsider his action. However, the year had drawn to a close without any further advice from Mr. Eilers, and it became necessary for the Society to take final action. On motion of Mr. P.H. van Diest, it was moved to declare the office of President vacant for the year 1893.

The report of the Secy. Corres. Secy. & Librarian and Treasurer were read and  placed on file.






p. 28








p. 29


As only one slate had been presented for the nominees to office for the year 1894, the Secretary, on motion, was instructed to call the ballot of the Society for such nominees. The following gentlemen were declared to be the officers of the Society for 1894 on such vote.

Prest.      Prof. Chas. S. Palmer

1stV. Prest   John B. Farish

2ndV. Prest.  A.S. Dwight

Secretary      Franklin Guiterman

Corress “ & Librarian    P.H. van Diest

Treas.      R. M.Hosea

Executive Committee

            Richard Pearce

A. A. Blow

Philip Argall

H. Van F. Furman

P.H. van Diest

Mr. Jho. B. Farish, 1st V. Prest. Elect than took the chair.

Mr. O. J. Frost, 1st Vice President for 1893 read a paper entitled


On motion of R.C. Hills, a vote of thanks was tendered by the Society to Mr. Frost for the uniform courtesy extended by him as presiding officer to all members during the past year, and also for the extreme conscientiousness with which his duties had been discharged.

The Secretary stated that he had received in reply to invitations sent out for subscriptions to the annual dinner a sufficient number of subscribers to assure the success of the event; and on motion, the presiding officer appointed as Committee to arrange for the details of the dinner the following gentlemen:

    Mr. J.B. Farish

    P.H. van Deist

    Harold V. Pearce

The meeting then adjourned. 


F. Guiterman, Secy