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    01/08/1894 - 109th meeting
    02/05/1894 - 110th meeting
    03/05/1894 - 111st meeting
    04/02/1894 - 112th meeting
    05/07/1894 - 113rd meeting

    06/04/1894 - 114th meeting
    07/02/1894 - 115th meeting
    08/06/1894 - 116th meeting

    09/03/1894 - 117th meeting
    10/01/1894 - 118th meeting
    11/05/1894 - 119th meeting
    12/03/1894 - 120th meeting
    12/17/1894 - Annual meeting

  110th Reg. Meeting

The 110th 109 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms on Monday evening, Jan. 8th.

Prest. Chas. S. Palmer in chair

38 persons were present

The minutes of the 109th 108 regular meeting and of the annual meeting were read and approved.



The following gentlemen were placed in nomination:

For membership:

Mr. Wm. H. Smiley, Supt. High School Denver, Endorsed by Chas. S. Palmer, P.H. van Diest and F. Guiterman

Mr. A.F. Wuensch, Mining Engineer, Denver, endorsed by H.van F. Furman, F. Guiterman and H.E. Wood

Mr. Willard D. Morse, Mill Manager, Denver, Endorsed by H.E. Wood, F. Guiterman and A. M. Campbell

Mr. Chas. T. Carnahan, Leadville, endorsed by A.A. Blow, Wm. Byrant Page and F. Guiterman



p. 30



Mr. E.C. Englehardt, metallurgist, Denver, endorsed by H.A. Vezin, A. Rapt and F. Guiterman

Mr. Hal W. Hastings, ore buyer, Denver, endorsed by John B. Farish, F. Guiterman and J.D. Hawkins

Associate membership

Mr. L.C. Joshway, Prest. Ute Coal & Coke Co., Durango, Colo. endorsed by R. M. Hosea, R.C. Hill & Ernest J.H. Amy


  Election Mr. G.H. A. Koch, nominated at previous meeting was elected to membership.  
  Appointment of Auditing Committee On motion the President appointed Messrs Harold V. Pearce and F. Guiterman a committee to audit the accounts of the Treasurer  







p. 31


Dr. Richard Pearce read a paper on the nature of gold in Cripple Creek ores. His conclusions drawn from his investigations was that the gold must have originally existed in the ore as a telluride, probably in a larger degree as sylvanite ore that through the process of oxidation the gold had been set free and the tellurium oxidized wholly to tellurous acid in which state it is now found in the rock accompanying the gold, possibly associated with some base, as iron, similar to the occurrence in the mineral emmonsite.  


p. 32

Prof. Chas S. Palmer mentioned an extremely delicate test for tellurium by means of precipitation on foil copper, when the ore is heated with this and sulphuric acid.

Mr. H. van F. Furman called attention to the peculiar characteristics of the gold bullion obtained from the Wauch? Mines at Cripple Creek, which is sent to the Denver U.S. Mint. Even after refining the gold, on clipping the bar, shows a peculiar crystalline structure and is of a brittle nature. Mr. Furman stated that he had no opportunity or facilities for investigating the cause of the peculiarity, but from what Dr. Pearce had said about the nature of the ore, he should ascribe it to small quantities of tellurium in the gold, which had not been eliminated by the refining process.

Dr. Pearce thought Mr. Furman’s hypothesis not an unlikely one, and said that might be drawn to the action of minute quantities of arsenic when alloyed with gold. These are also eliminated only with the greatest difficultly and they also cause the gold to become brittle.

Mr. T.A. Rickard said that Dr. Pearce’s conclusions that the gold in Cripple Creek ores existed formerly as a telluride, and would be so found when explorations penetrated beyond the zone of oxidation, were borne out by the developments at the Anaconda Mine, in which tellurium ores were found in the deepest workings. Mr. N. Anderson presented a number of results obtained by polarizing[?] Cripple Creek ores, and assaying the different sizes obtained by screening, separately. The results, which testing as a whole to demonstrate that the finer portions of the material were richest n gold, did not as a whole enable him to formulate any positive conclusions which he could submit at this time. He would, however, take up the subject in detail at some future meeting.

On motion the meeting then adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy.


  p. 33

The 110th regular meeting was held at the rooms of the Society on Monday evening, Feb. 5th.

Prest. Chas. S. Palmer presiding.

26 persons were present.

The minutes of the 109th reg. Meeting were read and approved.



The following persons nominated at the previous meeting were elected:

For membership:

    Mr. Wm. H. Smiley

    A.F. Wuensch

    William S. Morse

     Chas. T. Carnahan

     E. C. Engelhart

     Hal. W. Hastings

For Association membership:

    L.C. Joshway










p. 34


The following persons approved by the Executive Committee were placed in nomination:

For membership:

William D. Hover, wholesale Druggist, Denver, endorsed by Messrs O.J. Frost, T.E. Schwartz & P.H. van Diest

George R. Hurlburt, Mining Engineer, Ouray, Colo, endorsed by Messrs. G.E. Kerzie Walter H. Bunce & T.E. Schwarz

Mr. E.E. Olcott, Mining Engineer, N.Y. City, endorsed by Messrs. B.B. Lawrence, J. B. Parish, & F. Guiterman

Mr. John A. Church, Mining Engineer, N.Y. City, endorsed by Messrs John B. Farish, T. A. Rickard and F. Guiterman.

Associate Membership:

Mr. Jos. A. McClury, Capitalist, Denver endorsed by Messrs H. van F. Furman, J.B. Farish and F. Guiterman



Mr. John B. Farish presented a report of the Committee who had charge of arrangements for the Annual Dinner of the Society which was given in January. He stated that all subscriptions had been paid, and that after meeting all expenses a small balance was left in his hands which he turned over to the Treasurer, Mr. R.M. Hosea, which he applied to any similar event which might take place in the future.

Mr. P.H. van Diest, Corres. Secy. & Librarian reported that 2 new exchanges had been sent to him. There had also been a donation of books to the Society from Mr. S.F. Emmons.

At Mr. van Diest’s suggestion the Society passed a vote of thanks to Mr. Emmons, and Mr. van Diest was instructed to notify Mr. Emmons of the appreciation of the Society of his gift.



Furman Communications


T.A. Rickard


Mr. H. van F. Furman read a paper on the Refining of Gold as practiced at the U. S. Mint office, and offered a number of suggestions as to the best methods of refining impure gold bullion, based on his own experience

Mr. T.A. Rickard discussed the geology of the metalliferous mines at Pontgihaur[?], France.

The meeting then adjourned.

F. Guiterman, Secy

  p. 36

Denver, Colo.

March 5th /94



The 112th 111th  regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms in the High School Bldg. Monday evening Mch. 5th.

Twenty persons (20) were present

2nd V.P. A. S. Dwight presiding

The minutes of the 110th regular meeting were read and approved.



Messrs. E. E. Olcott, John A. Church, Wm. A. Hover & George R. Hurlburt proposed for membership and approved by the Ex. Committee were elected:

Mr. Jas. A. McClury proposed for Associate membership and approved by the Ex. Committee was also duly elected


  Nominations Prof. H.B. Patten, Prof. Geology at the State School of Mines in Golden endorsed by Messrs Chauvenet, Kirby, & Guiterman and approved by the Ex. Committee was nominated for membership.  





p. 37


Messrs. Diest, Pearce & F. Guiterman presented their report and stated that they had audited the accounts of the Treasurer Mr. R. M. Hosea, and had found same was correct.

Prof. Van Diest had an invitation from the Geological Society in which the Colo. Sci. Soc. Was invited to send a representative to be present in Sand Francisco in the near future. Inquiry developed the fact that said representative was to go at his own expense, which seemed to neutralize any enthusiasm the invitation might have evoked at least no one present claimed the honors of representative of the Society.



























p. 39

There being no formal paper to be submitted, Mr. A.A. Blow was asked to give the Society a discourse on the Gold Belt of Leadville. Mr. Blow although quite unprepared willingly complied with the invitation, promising to give the Society in the not far distant future a paper on the subject.

The salient points of the lecture may be summed in

1st: The locus of the gold ore shoots; these later are embraced in the area lying about 2 miles to the east of Leadville in a comparatively unexplored territory known as “Breece Hill”

2nd: The tenor of the ore shoots: in regard to this question Mr. Blow called attention to the important fact that this trend was identical with that of a number of prominent ore shoots disclosed on “Iron Hills” and endorsed the opinion that the gold ore shoots would possibly be found to be continuations of the other ore shoots.

3rd-, the character of the ore. This was highly silicious and but little silver and lead was found associated with the gold.

4th, - the occurrence of the ore. This was not localized to any special zones. It occurred both in the limestones and in the porphyrys, (both white and gray,) or in the contact plane between the two. In connection with the gold ore deposits there occurred intrusive dykes of porphyries younger than both the white & gray porphyries characteristic in their association with the silver deposits of Leadville, which younger explanations seemed to be intimately connected with the gold deposits under discussion, and appear to have influenced the deposition.

Mr. Blow suggested in conclusion of his address that developments in the gold belt of Leadville might  mostly be awaited with much interest and he apprehended that a thorough study of this especial class of deposits would offer further evidence in negation of Mr. Emmon’s theory that the ore deposits of Leadville owe their origin to lateral secretions which thus drew their pulateric[?] contents from the white porphyry overlying the ore bodies.

Mr. F.C. Knight made mention of a remarkably pure specimens of Naummannite which he had lately analyzed. Unfortunately the locality from which the specimen came was unknown.

The meeting then adjourned



. Guiterman, Secy.


  Note in pencil F.G. You are one ahead on number of meetings and have been since 1891. P.Diest  
  p. 40

The 112th regular meeting of the Society was held at the E. Denver High School Bldg. On Monday Apr. 2nd.

Owing to the absence of the regular presiding officer, Dr. R. Pearce was chosen chairman pro tem.

Twenty persons were present.

The  minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved



Prof. H.B. Patton of Golden, S.S.M. was elected a member.

The Secretary informed the Society that the Executive Committee had determined that owing to the growth of the Society, its library and the collections, the determination had been reached after thorough investigation and discussion to remove from the Society’s present quarters in the High School Bldg. To other location in the Boston Bldg. through the efforts of Dr. Pearce and the kindness of the Hon. H. Wolcott the rooms would be furnished to the Society at comparatively small expense.

It was held by the Executive Committee that the removal of the Society’s quarts to a location more central would be productive of entailing an interest in the Society on the fact of the public, which could not fail to benefit the Society greatly.

It was resolved that a vote of thanks be bestowed to Dr. Pearce for his efforts in procuring the new rooms and the Corres. Secy & Librarian was instructed to present to the Board of Education and Principal Wm. H. Shirley a vote of thanks for the Society in appreciation to the many courtesies shown the Society in allowing it to place, in the past its library and collections in the E. Denver High School Bldg and to use the room for a meeting place.

Dr. Pearce presented to the Society on behalf of Mr. G.W. Goodale of Butte Mountain, a beautiful specimen of tennantite.






p. 42







Dr. Pearce Commitated[?]a finished paper on Cripple Creek ores. Further investigations confirmed his theory advance in the former papers that the free gold in Cripple Creek ores has been chiefly derived from the oxidation of tellurides, the tellurium being present in the ore in an oxidized form as a host for the presence of tellurium in oxidized form stannous chloride was used.

Dr. Pearce exhibited a specimen on which showed an unaltered and an oxidized portion  He also showed a colored enlarged drawing of the specimen, made by Mr. Stephen Rickard.

Analyses of both unaltered and oxidized portions of the specimens were presented, by which the chemical changes in the ore & rock due to oxidation were clearly shown. The analysis of the weathered rock indicated that the telluride mineral was sylvanite, corroborating the hypothesis brought forward in the previous paper. The conclusions reached were that the gold bearing rock which was subjected to examination was first impregnated with pyrite & sylvanite by means of highly sulphurated waters encrusting through the natural joints; at a later period surface waters promoted oxidation, effecting a change of the pyrite into basic sulphate of iron, the of the tellurium into the oxide.

Mr. F.T. Freeland gave an informal address on the mines of Cripple Creek,

after which the meeting adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy.


  p. 43

The 113th regular meeting of the Society was held at its new rooms in the Boston Bldg on Monday May 7th.

38 persons were present.

President Chas. S. Palmer presided.

Prof. Palmer in an appropriate address dwelt on the new quarters which the Society now possessed.

Dr. R. Pearce followed his opinion and moved that a vote of thanks be tendered Hon. Henry R. Wolcott for his valued assistance in helping the Society obtain its present quarters at a very moderate monthly rental. This resolution was unanimously carried.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The following Candidates endorsed by the Executive Committee were elected members:

   Mr. E. L. Newhouse of Denver

   Mr. C. W. Goodale of Butte Montana

And Mr. G.R. Nichols of Durango, Colo.


  Communication Prof. Wm. C. Strong read a paper on the Sanitary fractions of the Artesian waters of Denver after which the meeting adjourned.  

F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 44

The 114 regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms on Monday, June 4th.

48 persons were present.

President Chas. S. Palmer presided.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.














p. 45






The following gentlemen were elected members having been approved by the Ex. Committee

   Col. Wesley Brainard, M.E. of Ward, Colo

    Edwin E. Chase, M.E., Denver, Colo.

    J. T. Eskorrof, M.D. Denver, Colo

    H.W. McLaughlin, M.D., Denver, Colo

Associate member:

   Chas. R. Dudley, Librarian, Chamber Commerce Library, Denver, Colo

President Chas. S. Palmer proposed the name of Mr. Edwin G. Dexter of Colorado Springs, Colo. The Secretary informed him that said Dexter had once before been elected but had failed to qualify.

President Palmer stated that notice of such election had failed to reach Mr. Dexter.

The Executive Committee had stated made the circumstances the previous election stood and it would be sufficient if the Secretary notified Mr. Dexter again.


















p. 46


The curator Mr. R.C. Hills exhibited some mineral specimens of gypsum presented to the Society by Mr. W.S. Ward and also some fossils given the Society by Dr. Wm. P. Headden.

He also brought up the matter of a fossil plant collection which he had undertaken a … with the late Prof. Newberry of Columbia College, N.Y. This collection belonged to Mr. Hills personally, part to the Society and part to Prof. Newberry. A portion of the Society’s then was in possession of Prof. Newberry when he died. Mr. Hills said he had corresponded with the Trustees of Columbia College regarding this Collection and had learned that Prof. Newberry’s main collections had been left to the college, and that it was impossible to … for the Society and him over which that portion of the fossil plant collection which belonged to it. The Columbia College Trustees were …. … willing to enter from the Society that portion of the collection already in its possession and pay for same an adequate monetary consideration. Mr. Hills suggested that in as much as the partial collection was of little use tot h Society the exchange be made, and he was informed by the Ex. Committee to take what action he might deem best.

Mr. W. S. Ward on behalf of Prof. Henry Ward of Rochester, N.Y. made a proposition to the Society to cut from the meteorite a piece averaging from 5 to 8 pounds, polish the face when cut, and pay for the portion cut off in the sum of $200.00 dollars.

The Executive Committee accepted the proposition and the curator, Mr. R.C. Hills was empowered to attend to the transaction.



The Secretary read a paper by C. Whitman Cross on the Geology of the Cripple Creek Colo. District.

Discussion by:

Messrs. Guiterman, Argall, Palmer, Van Diest, Moore, Hills, Freeland& Richard R. Pearce. The Secretary also read a paper by Prof. R. F. Penrose on the “Values[?] of the Ore Deposits of Cripple Creek,” after which the meeting adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy.

  p. 47

The 115th regular meeting of the Society was held in its rooms on Monday evening, July 2nd.

Nineteen persons were present.

Prof. Chas. S. Palmer presided.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.



p. 48

Amendment to Sec. 10 & 13 Bylaws


The following persons were nominated for membership and associate membership.

For member – John K. McKenzie, Chemist, Rookery Bros. Chicago, Ills. The application was endorsed by Messrs. Farish, van Diest, Guiterman.

R. W. Dicksman, Mining Eng. & Chemist, Cleveland, O, endorsed by Messrs. Farish, van Diest, & Guiterman.

Mr. H. Shields, M.E. & Met. Denver, endorsed by Messrs. Guiterman, Farish, & van Diest

For associate member: Mr. Franklin Ballou, Leadville, Colo., endorsed by Messrs. Wuencsh, Argall& Guiterman

All of above named candidates were approved by the Ex. Committee.

The Secretary presented to the Society in writing the following amendment to sections 10 & 13 ByLaws of the Society –

Amendment to Sec. 10 – read

“The Executive Committee shall have the final control of all expenditures of the Society, shall appoint the necessary curators; shall elect members and associate members; etc., etc., the remaining portion of the section being left unaltered.

Amendment to Sec. 13 By Laws

“Members and assoc. members shall be elected by the Ex. Committee, two negative votes being sufficient to prevent an election, etc., etc. Succeeding portion of the section being left unaltered.

These amendments were proposed by Messrs. F. Guiterman, Chas. S. Palmer, & R.C. Hills



Prof. Chas. S. Palmer read a paper on the differentiation of silver, the article presented being only an exposition of the veins on which the research was being conducted, with a number of the preliminary results which had been reached. The full paper was promised in the near future.

On motion the meeting then adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy

  p. 49

The 116th regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms on Monday August 6th

Mr. Jno. B. Farish, 1st V. Prest. In the Chair

25 members were present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


  Adoption of Amendments of By Laws to Sec. 10 & 13 The amendments to the By-Laws Sections 10 & 13 were adopted.  

Mr. R.C. Hills read a paper on the Mercur Mine of Camp Floyd District, Utah.

Mr. E. Kirby gave a description of some quartzite veins in Utah. (Written communication promised.)

Mr. J.B. Farish gave a description of a bog in Bingham Canyon, Utah, which was copper bearing. This copper deposit was formed by copper bearing solutions from some of the neighboring mines flowing into the bog, the copper being precipitated as metallic copper by the organic material in the bog.

Mr. P. H. van Diest read a paper on the “State resources of Colorado.”

On motion the meeting then adjourned.


    F. Guiterman, Secy.  
  p. 50

The 117th regular meeting of the Society was held at its rooms on Monday, Sept. 3rd.

25 persons were present.

Prest. Chas. W. Palmer presided.

The secretary announced the election of Messrs John K. McKenzie, R.M. Dickman as members and Franklin Bascom[?] as associate members by the Ex. Committee














p. 51


Prof. Chas S. Palmer gave an informal communication on a visit to Long’s Peak, Colo.

Mr. L.D. Godshall gave an informal communication on pyritic smelting as conducted by him at Rico. Discussion participation by Messrs. Richard Pearce and Dwight.

Prof. Palmer called attention to a article in an English paper of a possibly new element (Akton[? Argon]) closely associated with the nitrogen of the atmosphere. He commented on the physical properties of the supposed element as described and the atomic might assigned to it, and stated that these run irreconcilable with the period law as formulated by Mundilioff[?], which law had been demonstrated to be without exception.

Dr. Palmer also delivered a few remarks on the death of Dr. Williams, Prof. of  Geology at Johns Hopkins University. Although Dr. Williams was not a member of the Society, still he was known to not a few of its members, and had accepted such a prominent place as a geologist in the scientific world, that a tribute to his work was tendered.

On motion the meting was adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy.


The 118th regular meting of the Society was held at its rooms on Monday Oct. 1st

1st V.P. Jno. B. Farish in the Chair

47 persons were present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.



Reception to Chas. A. Wolcott

Donation U.S. Geo Survey

p. 52
















p. 53


The Secretary stated that the Director of the U.S. Geol. Survey had during the previous month paid a visit to Denver on his way west, and had expressed a desire to meet the representative mining men and those interested in the work of the Survey. The Society had tendered Mr. Walcott an informal reception  to which a number of Denver’s most prominent citizens had been invited. The time for the arranging of such reception being so very brief, owing to Mr. Walcott’s short stay in Denver, no formal announcement of the meeting could be made to the members through the regular channels and recourse was had to publication in the newspapers.

The meeting was well attended over 50 persons being present.

Mr. Walcott took occasion to outline the nature of the work now being conducted by the Survey and to define the means on which he would be conducted in the future. He explained he expressed himself as highly gratified at the interest shown by the Society in the Survey and trusted the same would always be so conducted as to merit the ardent support of the organization.

The Secretary announced the election of the following persons to membership and associate membership.


W.F. Patrick; A. Chanute; Chas. J. Ling; D.G. Miller, all of Denver; A. F. Pierson, Jr. of Chicago

Associate membership:

Dennis Shutz of Denver; Seymour Coleman, Chicago
















p. 54


Mr. Francis T. Freeland read a communication on Mining Litigation in which certain suggestions were offered as the modification of the present U.S. Mining law under that the complex features surrounding the location of claims and application the validity of title and the … with veins might b overcome.

The Communication had been submitted to and printed by an Eastern journal, but the subject was of such great importance that Mr. Furman though the Society might most properly discuss it and perhaps take action upon it.

The discussion followed in which the following gentlemen participated:

Jno. B. Farish; P.H. van Diest; E.H. B. Kirby; T. E. Schwarz; F. Guiterman & George Moore, S. Hallet:

After discussion had closed the Secretary summed that the chair appoint a Committee of 5 of whom he should be one to draw a set of resolutions concerning such amendments to the present mining law which would in their opinion prove of benefit to the mining community; the resultions were subsequently to be presented to the Society for approval, for their amendment or rejection. In case final resolutions were adopted by the Society they have to be presented to Colorado’s representative in Congress as a suggestion for the improvement to the mining law.

The motion was seconded by Mr. E.B. Kirby and passed.

The chair announced the appointment of the following committee:

    Francis T. Freeland

    Philip Argall

    Wm. Bryon Page

    Jno. B. Farish.




F.C. Knight


Mr. F.C. Knight then read a paper entitled:

“A suspected new Mineral at Cripple Creek,” after which the meeting adjourned.





  p. 55

The 119th regular meeting of the Society was held on Monday Nov. 5th, 94.

14 persons were present.

Owing to the absence of the Pres. and 1st  & 2nd Vice Presidents, Mr. F.C. Knight was chosen Chairman pro tem.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The Secretary announced the election by the Ex. Committee of the following persons:

Membership: Mr. Frank C. Lewis Smith, M.E. Rapid City, So Dakota

Membership: Mr. Louis Pilatan, Mining Eng. & Met: Denver, Colo.

Mr. Fabrizio Clerici, Met., Denver, Colo

Associate Membership:

Judge Morris Hurlett, Denver

Geo. W. Pierce, Denver












p. 56




The following gentlemen were placed in nomination for officers for the Society for the year 1895, all nominators being duly recorded:


A S. Dwight

            Jno. B. Farish

1st Vice President:

Harry Hall

Philip Argall

F.C. Knight

2nd Vice Prest.

A.     Ralh

Rec. Secretary

F. Guiterman

Corres. Scy & Librarian

P.H. van Diest


R.M. Hosea

Ex. Committee

Chas. S. Palmer

Richard Pearce

Jno. B. Gannier

W.L. Austin

E.B. Kirby

Wm. Shiry

Harry S. Hall

H.van F. Furnman

P.H. van Diest

R.C. Hills




E.C. & P.H. van Diest


Mr. P. H. van Diest read a paper entitled: Notes on the Geology of the Western Slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range in Costillo County, Colo., after which the meeting adjourned  

F. Guiterman, Secy.


  p. 57

Dec. 3rd  1894


The regular meeting the 120th  of the Society was held at the rooms on Monday evening, Dec. 3rd.

There were 32 persons present.

Owing to the absence of the regular presiding officer, Mr. O.J. Frost was chosen Chairman pro tem.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The Secretary announced the election of the following gentlemen by the Executive Committee:


W.R. Tryares[?] – New York

Thos. Heithens- Denver

Prof. G.H. Rowe – Boulder

Benjamin L. Cress – Red Cliff

E.A. Schneider – Denver

Associate membership:

James V. Dexter – Denver



Balloting for officers for 1895



p. 58


The Chair appointed Messrs. Jones & Charlton to act as tellers in the election for officers for the Society for 1895. The ballots were duly cast , secured by the tellers, who after counting same announced the election of the following gentlemen:

President: A.S. Dwight – Pueblo

1st Vice President – Philip Argall – Denver

2nd Vice President – A. Rahl – Pueblo

Recording Secretary – F. Guiterman

Corres. Secy & Librarian – P.H. van Diest

Treasurer – R.M. Hosea

Executive Committee

Richard Pearce

P.H. van Diest

Irving Hale

H.van F. Furman

R.C. Hills


  Communications E.B. Kirby Following the election Mr. E. B. Kirby read a paper entitled: “The Sampling & Measurement of ore bodies in mine examinations,” after which the meeting adjourned.  

F. Guiterman, Secy.


  p. 59

Annual Meeting


Dec. 17th, 1894



The annual meeting of the Society was held at its room, on Monday, Dec. 17th.

There were 18 members present.

The newly elected President for 1895 was duly installed and the retiring President, Prof. Chas. A. Palmer read an address entitled: The Recent History and the Present Status of Chemistry,” after which the meeting adjourned.



F. Guiterman, Secy.