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Charles Skeele Palmer
(1858 - 1939)

President of the Colorado Scientific Society



Charles Skeele Palmer

President 1894

  • Chemist, miner

  • Graduate Amherst College, A.B. and M.A.; Johns Hopkins, Ph.D.; and Univ. of Leipzig, Germany

  • Professor of Chemistry, Univ. of Colo.

  • President, Colorado School of Mines

  • Head of Chemistry Dept. of Colorado Academy of Science, 1900

  • Active in Cripple Creek, Creede, and Breckenridge mining districts; chief chemist at Washoe Smelter, Anaconda, Montana; Assoc. Editor Eng. & Mining Journal; Editor to D. Appleton & Co. Publishing; chemist for several large companies

  • Discovered, and received a patent for, a process for the reduction of petroleum to gasoline

  • President, Colorado State Teachers Association; fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; member, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Electrochemical Society, National Education Association, Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania, and Chemists Club of New York

  • Author of many articles on chemistry, on the rocks of Boulder County, Colorado, and on meteorites

  • Sam Rosenblum: Photo of Palmer in Denver Post, July 12, 1935, p. 24

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