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Gerald M. Richmond
(1914 - )

President of the Colorado Scientific Society


Gerald M. Richmond

President 1953.  Honorary member 1971

  • Geologist

  • U.S. Geological Survey, 1942- . Expert in Quaternary stratigraphy of Western Interior and in correlation of Quaternary units worldwide

  • Graduate of Brown University; M.A., Harvard University; Ph.D. University of Colorado

  • Taught at the University of Connecticut

  • Civilian geologist with Special Engineering Division, the Panama Canal

  • Meritorious service to the U.S. Department of Interior, 1979; Kirk Bryan Award, Geological Society of America, 1965; Albrecht Penck Medal, German Quaternary Association, 1978

  • President of International Union for Quaternary Research, 1965-1969; Secretary-General, VII INQUA Congress, 1965

  • Fellow, Geological Society of America; Member, American Association of Quaternary Research; Honorary member of INQUA

  • Other interests are skiing, mountain climbing (Alps), gardening, fishing, hiking, and camping.  A twenty five year association with the Boy Scouts of America, including the Scout Jamboree near Colorado Springs in 1960.  Received the Silver Beaver Award

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