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Thomas August Steven
(1917 -  )

President of the Colorado Scientific Society


Thomas August Steven

President 1959.  Honorary member 1974

  • Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, 1942-1985; Rehired annuitant, 1985-1987.  Emeritus, 1987-

  • Recognized expert in the regional geology of the Rocky Mountains and in volcanic rocks and associated ore deposits.  has many publications resulting from work in North Park, Colorado, San Juan volcanic field, Colorado, and Marysvale volcanic field, Utah

  • Graduate of San Jose State College and University of California at Los Angeles

  • Meritorious Service Award of U. S. Department of Interior; 43-year service to the U.S. Geological Survey

  • Educated at Southern Methodist University and Harvard University

  • Geology assistant, Geology Department, Southern Methodist University.  Teacher, Texas A & M. U.S. Geological Survey, 1942-1980

  • Worked on structural relations between a stable platform and a mobile belt, Trans-Pecos region of West Texas; mineral potential of various districts in California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah; uranium deposits on the Colorado Plateau; glacial deposits in Montana; general geology of northeastern Nevada

  • Fellow, Geological Society of America; Member, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Geological Society of Washington, American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • Avid fisherman

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