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Founded in 1882, the Colorado Scientific Society promotes knowledge, the understanding of science, and its application to human needs, focusing primarily on earth science, but welcoming members with interests in all fields of science.


The Colorado Scientific Society (CSS) was founded in Denver, Colorado, USA, on December 8, 1882-- six years after Colorado became a state. Founder S.F. Emmons of the U.S. Geological Survey and 11 colleagues were interested in an exchange of observations and ideas on topics in earth science. The membership has since grown from these original 12 to more than 375 members in 1992. Current members include representatives from many earth-science organizations, including Federal and State government agencies, universities throughout the region, private industry, and individuals. The Society welcomes new members with a background  and interest in the sciences.

W.  Cross  -  H. Beeger  - S. F. Emmons - J. B. Grant - Rev. H. M. Hart

R. Pearce - N. P. Hill - A. H. Low - P. H. Van Diest - A. Von Schulz - W. F. Hillebrand - An. Eilers

Samuel Franklin Emmons

Founders of the Colorado Scientific Society

“The following named persons were unanimously chosen as officers for the first year:

President—Samuel Franklin Emmons
Vice-President—Richard Pearce
Secretary—Whitman Cross”

“It was further agreed that the association should be called The Colorado Scientific Society, and the following named persons, all residents of Denver, were enrolled as members:

Hermann Beeger
P.H. Van Diest
S.F. Emmons
Rev. H.M. Hart
W.F. Hillebrand
Richard Pearce
Whitman Cross
Anton Eilers
J.B. Grant
Hon. N.P. Hill
A.H. Low
A. Von Schulz”

Excerpt from History of the Colorado Scientific Society 1882-2002 by Edwin B. Eckel, p. 8.