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Founded in 1882, the Colorado Scientific Society promotes knowledge, the understanding of science, and its application to human needs, focusing primarily on earth science, but welcoming members with interests in all fields of science.




If you are uncertain of your member status or whether you owe dues, contact CSS Treasurer Don Sweetkind by e-mail at

As you pay your dues, please consider making an additional contribution to one of our Memorial Funds (which support our student research grants program) or the Endowment Fund (which we use to defray operating costs). Any contributions made in 2009 (i.e., checks dated before Jan. 1, 2010) will be credited toward the 2009 tax year. Don will send out an acknowledgement receipt to all those members who contributed in 2009 for tax reporting purposes. Please remember that your entire contribution goes towards generating interest for the grants and that your contribution is 100% tax deductible since the Society is a non-profit Section 501 (c)(3) organization.

MEMORIAL FUNDS: These funds support earth-science research grants to graduate students throughout the nation. If your contribution is not specified, it will be distributed equally among the funds:

(A) Ogden Tweto Memorial Fund
(B) Steven Oriel Memorial Fund
(C) Edwin Eckel Memorial Fund
(D) Bill Pierce-Heart Mountain Fund
(E) George Snyder Memorial Fund
(F) Chuck Pillmore Memorial Fund
This contribution is made in the memory of:

ENDOWMENT FUND: This fund is used to support the Society’s monthly meetings and newsletter, field trips, family night, annual Emmons Lecture, and special activities.

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