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Founded in 1882, the Colorado Scientific Society promotes knowledge, the understanding of science, and its application to human needs, focusing primarily on earth science, but welcoming members with interests in all fields of science.

Education Resources for Teachers and Students

Resources for Colorado teachers
(Geological Society of America).

Resources including lesson plans for K-12 earth science teachers
(Geological Society of America).

A wealth of resources on topics in the earth sciences
(United States Geological Survey).

Resources for students and teachers on a variety of subjects
(United States Geological Survey).

 This excellent site for
NCAR Education and Outreach

has a wealth of information and links to all aspects of the Earth, weather, climate, and the cosmos. Special areas serve children, teachers and the university community. Some of the most useful links on this site are listed below.

 Digital Library for Earth Science Education

provides access to high-quality resources about the Earth.

 National Science Digital Library
provides online digital education tools for science, math, engineering, and technology.

Web Weather for Kids
features hands-on science activities for middle-school students and teachers.

 Windows to the Universe
offers content and activities, teacher resources, kids pages and information related to the Earth and space sciences.

Kid's Educational Learning Center
provides educational resources to help students, teachers, and parents save on energy.

WWW Sites on the Geology of Denver Area, and Colorado

Good illustrations of the rocks and geologic history of the
Boulder area
Geology of Boulder
area including geologic map and cross-section.
Denver Museum
site describes the geologic history of the Denver area.  This site has some great illustrations of ancient Denver landscapes and discussion of the history of the area through geologic time.

   Geology of the Golden area
with geologic map and cross-section.
Virtual field trip to geologic sites around Colorado

Additional sites: Colorado Geological Survey
Resources for Teachers
Colorado Geology

Guide to areas in the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Virtual tours
 and field guides throughout the United States.

Colorado Geology Photojournal
is a beautifully illustrated, enjoyably written, extensive and informative site covering the geologic history of Colorado, with lots of links, references, and places to visit.



Virtual Field Trips

 The Geology Along the Trails West of NCAR (html) (pdf)
Boulder Section(pdf)
. Emmett Evanoff and Sue E. Hirschfeld, Colorado Scientific Society


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