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Table Mountain Web Design has developed web sites for many clients over the past several years, and we are proud of the work we have done for them.  We are even more proud when clients come back to us for changes and enhancements.  This indicates that the site is serving the client well, and also that Table Mountain Web Design served the client well. 


Golden-based company providing sales & service of power transformers - redesigned in 2016
Desktop                                              Mobile

Golden-based Electrical Technologies wanted to upgrade the look and function of their website.  The new site is mobile-friendly and includes an interactive map, showing which sales rep is associated with each state.

Golden Sweets
Golden Ice Cream Parlor - launched in 2008, redesigned in 2016
Desktop                                              Mobile

Golden Sweets needed to update their site to be mobile-friendly.  They also wanted to add gift card sales to the site, and to be able to update their hours themselves, without recourse to a web designer.

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant
Golden Restaurant - launched in 2015
Desktop                                            Mobile

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant does a lot of direct mail marketing, and they needed an attractive, mobile-friendly site to reinforce their brand as the "Best Mexican Food in Golden!"

Bear Creek Golf Club
Private Golf Club Near Morrison - launched in 2015
Desktop                                           Mobile

The owner of the Bear Creek Golf Club wanted a newer, lighter, more mobile-centric website with several new features.

Dr. Richard Goad
Dentist in Golden - launched in 2015
Desktop                                         Mobile

Dr. Goad had never had a website, so his first site was responsive and mobile-friendly!

Stage Stop Guest Cottages
Guest Cottages in Golden Colorado - launched in 2015

Stage Stop Guest Cottages had a very old site.  It was still doing its job--people still found them and made reservations; but then the reservation form stopped working.  The original designer had moved out of state and was difficult to reach, so the business owner contacted Table Mountain Web Design.  We got the form working and started adding newer photos.  The owner liked the progress we had made, so we redesigned the pages to give them a more contemporary look.  In the end we had a whole new website!

Coors Brewery Tour
Guest Satisfaction Survey - launched in 2013

The Coors Brewery tour hosts 250,000-300,000 guests per year, and the company wants to make sure that the tour and the company's personnel meet guest expectations.  They asked Table Mountain Web Design to build an online customer satisfaction survey, allowing people to rate them in four areas.  Guests can also add comments if they wish.

Table Mountain Web Design set up the survey and provided a QR code to enable people with smart phones to access the survey easily.  We also provided an administrative section, so company personnel could review the survey results.

Shaggy Dogs are Punny Tales
Promotional Site for a Print-on-Demand Book - launched in 2013

Retired Golden High School teacher Gene Child is fondly remembered for his long, winding stories that end in groan-inducing puns.  Shortly after he retired, he captured some of the best stories in Shaggy Dogs are Punny Tales.  His friend and colleague Gene Youngmann (also a retired GHS art teacher) provided the book's delightful illustrations. 

The first edition quickly sold out, and the book had never been reprinted...until now!  Gene went through an online publisher to make the book available through print-on-demand and e-book formats, and asked Table Mountain Web Design to build a site to help market it.

Century 21 Golden West
Real Estate Office with MLS interface - launched in 2012

The Century 21 Golden West website interfaces with a powerful, full-featured MLS database provider (IDX Broker).  We built it on a WordPress platform so the clients could make future changes to the site without requiring our help.  At the client's request, we created a series of photo headers that helped convey the beauty and spirit of the Golden Community.  These headers rotate in random order, so a different image appears each time a new page is opened.

Funiculars of Golden Colorado
Website built to support a newly-published book - launched in 2012

This website was built to help market a self-published book, Funiculars of Golden Colorado.  It includes background information on the book's topic and online purchasing for the book.

Baby Doe's
Downtown Golden Retail - launched in 2007
- redeveloped to incorporate more social media in 2012

Baby Doe's, a women's boutique located in Golden's historic downtown, carries an eclectic mix of casual clothing and wearable art.

Pansy's Parlor Bed and Breakfast
Historic Inn Located in Downtown Golden Colorado - launched in 2010

This Bed and Breakfast, which operates out of a house in the 12th Street Historic District, had a very simple site but they felt that a more professional one might attract more guests.

We began by researching bed & breakfast sites for businesses all over the country and analyzed what we liked and did not like about them.  We then chose a color scheme, collected photos of the inn, and produced!

Geology Field Trips
Walking tours developed by a geology professor - launched in 2010

Dr. Sue Ellen Hirschfeld is a Professor Emerita of Geology.  She taught for the University of California for many years and now resides in Colorado, where she is still active in the scientific community.

Over the years Dr. Hirschfeld had developed a number of geology walking tours for locations in both California and Colorado.  They were scattered around on various web servers.  She wanted to consolidate and update them into a single source website, and GEOLOGYFIELDTRIPS is the result!

Society of Mining Law Antiquarians
Professional Society - launched in 2009

The Society of Mining Law Antiquarians has existed for decades but has not had a website until now.  They wanted a way to publish their newsletters and meetings times and possibly alert other mining law aficionados to their existence. 

Golden Rotary Foundation
Charitable Foundation - launched in 2009

Golden Rotary Foundation is partnering with another foundation for a big fund-raiser this year and needed its own website to help spread the word.

Creekside Jewelers
Downtown Golden Retail - launched in 2007

Creekside Jewelers, located in Golden's historic downtown, carries fine jewelry, design pieces, and gifts.

Music production group - launched in 2006

Acoustic Alley was created to bring the Foothills area quality music events throughout the year. Miners Alley playhouse in downtown Golden provides the venue (thus the name!) This web site allows customers to purchase tickets online.

Peak Power Engineering
Engineering consulting firm - launched in 2005

Peak Power was built for a Golden-based consulting firm.  The company had an existing site that they had built in-house, but wanted to upgrade the look.  They had recently worked with a graphics artist to develop a set of glossy brochures, and wanted to incorporate some of that artwork into their web site.

Hy-Tran, Inc.
A mining equipment company - launched in 2003

Hy-Tran, Inc. sells mining equipment all over the world.  They needed a web site that would clearly depict their products and services to their wide-spread international market.

The site allows Hy-Tran's sales force to show prospective clients what the firm can do for them--instantly, without the delay associated with mailing sales literature across the world.  

Russell J. Sindt, Attorney-at-Law
Law Firm - launched in 2004 

Lakewood attorney Russ Sindt is well-known and has a well-established set of clients.  Russ needed a web site "because people just expect you to have one these days!" 

A Bronze Sculptor - launched in 2001

 Felicia, who sculpts contemporary southwest bronzes, wanted a web site to extend her marketing reach, and to provide a place where she could list her upcoming shows.

Golden Good Government League
A Political Action Committee - launched in 2003

The Golden Good Government League wanted a web site to raise their visibility with the Golden Community.  They wanted a standing forum on which to publish their positions on past, present, and current issues facing the community, and they wanted to publicize the list of people who serve on their Board of Directors.

They chose us to built their site because one of their board members also works with the Golden Civic Foundation, and that group has always been happy with our work.

The Frederick A. Cook Society
An Educational Site - launched in 2001

The Frederick A. Cook Society site was built for a non-profit organization.  The Cook Society was chartered to promote education and understanding regarding polar research, with a particular emphasis on the work done in the late-19th/early-20th century by Dr. Frederick A. Cook.  

The organization has been publishing polar scholarship for many years and wanted to extend its educational reach by making some of its research materials available on the Internet.  The Society had an existing "home-grown" web site but hired Table Mountain Web Design to produce a more thorough and professional version.


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